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Large Industrial Electric Motor Repair and Generator Repair

Smith Services is a large industrial electric motor repair and generator repair company that has established a reputation for excellence over decades of expert service. This reputation has earned repeat customers and the esteem of a network of associated repair companies. Timken Power Systems is a network of nationally recognized companies that offers premier, state-of-the-art services for large industrial electric motor repair and large generator repair for the most important manufacturing and power generation operations in the country. Located in West Virginia, Smith Services offers a wide range of diagnostic, testing and repair capabilities, with the added capability of the extended Timken Power Systems network.

In-house and onsite industrial motor repair capabilities:

  • Inspection, Diagnostics, and Training
    • On-Site AC and DC Equipment Consulting
    • Thermographic Surveys
    • Vibration Analysis
    • Computer Assisted Predictive Maintenance
    • Classroom Training

  • Testing
    • Switchgear Testing, Retrofits, Etc.
    • MCE Testing
    • Ultrasonic Testing

  • Repairs
    • Winding Department
      • Data Verification
      • Coil Manufacturing
      • Winding of Both AC and DC Apparatus
    • Electric Motor Repair through 50,000 HP
    • Mechanical Repair
    • Brush Replacement and Maintenance
    • In-Place Field Repairs
    • Bearing Removal and Installation
    • Rigging Services
    • Turn-Key Services
    • Cryo-Genesis (Dry Ice) Cleaning
    • Motor Redesign
    • New Motor Sales of All Leading Brands
    • Precision Balancing
    • Laser Alignment
    • Babbitt Bearing Repair (Spin Cast/Static Pour)
    • Dry-Type Transformer Repair
    • Electronics Repair
    • Gearbox Overhaul, Upgrade and Test

We provide a diversity of services and supply options to our customers, both in-house and in the field.
Smith Services, a Timken brand, is one of the largest motor service organizations in the United States.