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Smith Services, a Timken brand, is one of the largest motor service organizations in the United States.

Motor & Generator Repair
Services Company

Smith Services has been a leading motor and generator repair services company since 1991, offering premier electromechanical services, including electric motor repair, motor repair and rewind services. Motors of any size can be serviced in the first class ISO 9001 facility, and Smith can send technicians out in the field for onsite inspections and repairs. Modern electromechanical services require the latest in advanced diagnostic equipment and repair procedures to perform precise repairs in a timely fashion.

Experienced and dedicated staff is trained with a ‘run to the problem’ mindset that solves problems quickly and gets the job done right the first time. Like most motor repair procedures, electric motor repair begins with a diagnosis of the problem. If the motor is still running, diagnostic tests can be performed such as infrared thermography, to locate built-up heat, vibration analyses, to locate misaligned rotating components, and traditional oil sampling to locate worn or grinding components.


A root cause analysis requires a complete disassembly of the motor. In the event of worn rotor or stator windings, motor repair and rewind services can offer significant savings over a complete replacement. Smith Services repairs and rewinds are returned to customers in “as new” condition, and backed by the Timken Power Systems one-year warranty. Hi-Pot testing is performed on coils to ensure insulation values and surge tests are made at 100% of the original test voltage. Dynamic balancing and laser alignment is performed after repairs to ensure that all rotating elements in the assembly are working properly, and provide a vibration free, optimized performance.

No matter the size and load requirements of your electric motors, Smith Services has the facility, the equipment, and the expertise to perform any type of electromechanical services necessary. If you are looking for an experienced and reliable motor and generator repair services company for your motor repair and rewind services, look no further than Smith Services.